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I intend to use this page to give a review to Books related to Canine Training, Behaviour and Dog care that I read and will be adding to the page over time. So, any Authors out there who wish to send me a book for review, feel free to get in touch and I'd be more than happy to Give your book a mention here with an honest review.

Better Dog Behaviour by Debbie Connolly.

From the off, you know immediately that the Author is a No Nonsense type of person and her writing style is the more enjoyable for it. Though this book is not an in depth treatsie of Dog behaviour and training, it is packed with useful advice and tips for the Dog owner and covers many examples of common problems people have with their pets, (and vice versa)! What makes the book all the more enjoyable is that the Author shares many real life situations she has encountered, and her recounting of these examples is sometimes hilarious and saddening in equal measure. She makes no excuse for her Say it as it is approach, and when you consider just these few examples of her everyday experiences, I finished the book hoping she will never change. My one and only complaint is that I wish the Author had written more! I read it from start to finish in the same day, and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
I bought this book on Recommendation and for a RRP of £5.99 it is well worth a read. 

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